We ship to Brazil and to the world

MEXX is a manufacturer of sports exhausts for motorcycles and cars, manufactures sports exhausts of the bomber and Taylor made models, being the sales champion, with a fair price. Luciano MEXX started his journey around 2009 he founded a Route 66 store in the city of Goiânia with a team of 3 people, where they made their own exhausts because high quality exhausts were very expensive, and those made in Brazil were of inadequate quality. . Luciano says he was motivated by the poor quality of escapes available to the public. He designed his own exhaust system, which was sufficient for his needs, based on the experience gained in the motorcycle field. From the ever increasing demand for sports exhausts, the Mexx factory is born today 6 years after its Inauguration is a renowned brand in the automobile market and we are a reference in our area. Mexx operates in all Brazilian states, with local resellers and with online sales, we are also already recognized worldwide. We ship to any country. Mexx is still a new company and is growing